At KW Music Studios, we provide in home piano lessons in Orange County CA.

How Should I Help My Child Practice for Piano Lessons in Orange County CA?

The most common question I get from parents in my piano studio is “how can I get them to practice?” Practicing is the most important element of a child’s musical education.

Unlike another activity, such as a sport, music lessons only cover a short amount of time each week (30 minutes for a beginner, 45 minutes for intermediate, and 60 minutes and up for an advanced student).

The majority of the time spent at the instrument is at home each week in preparation for the weekly lessons. There are three key elements for practicing that will ensure your child’s success in piano.


The most important part of practicing piano is doing it consistently. I encourage my students to practice every day.

This may not be possible every single day, so I would say practicing at least five days a week is mandatory for a student to progress and learn in music.

Just like when we learn a new language or any other skill, the more you do it, the better you will get.

For older students (especially those in high school or college), I encourage them to have a weekly goal for practicing so that they can ensure they get the same amount of practicing in each week, even if they have to miss days for exams, mandatory school events, or work.

I have each student also make a practice chart each week in their piano notebooks, and I check their work every lesson. At times, I also have parents sign their practice chart to help with extra accountability for their hard work.


Many young students need help and supervision in their practicing, especially when they are first starting out. I encourage each parent of a beginning student to sit in the lessons if possible.

I also take very detailed notes in the lessons telling the student how many times they should play a piece each day, and also specific practice methods they should implement to help them master each assignment.

This helps the student not only hear the instructions I give them in lesson, but it also gives them an opportunity to look back on it throughout the week if they have trouble remembering exactly what I said.

In addition, it gives the parent a chance to review the daily work with their child, especially if it is not possible for them to observe the lessons.


It is so important to reward piano students for a job well done!

When they meet their weekly practice goals, I often give the young ones stickers next to their practice chart. I also have seasonal competitions amongst my students that encourages extra practicing, and each time they reach fifteen points, they get a prize.

If they have the most stickers at the end of the competition, they get a gift card to a store or restaurant of their choice. It’s so fun to see how motivated the students are and how happy they are when they achieve their goal.

I hope these practice tips help! Still unsure about piano? Check out my article on why you should take piano lessons. For more detailed questions, feel free to reach out to me via email. Happy practicing xoxoxo

At KW Music Studios, we provide in home piano lessons in Orange County CA.

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