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"Kirstin is a wonderful person and a superb piano teacher…professional in every sense of the word."

Our Laguna Hills Voice Teachers' Approach

Vocal Technique

Gain mastery of your vocal range with customized exercises.

Sight Reading

Accelerate music reading using methods designed to improve sight reading.

Repertoire Development

Learn your favorite tunes and have fun showing off to your family & friends!

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Laguna Hills Voice Teachers

Laguna Hills voice lessons are now available near you! If you’re looking for voice lessons near you, we have a voice teacher who can help.

Get customized vocal lessons plans from our experienced singing instructors who can help you perform your favorite songs in front of your friends and family!

Kirstin Weston
Annabella Cervero piano teacher
Johanna Pepke piano teacher
Priscilla Peraza piano teacher

The Team

Our Teachers

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In Home Laguna Hills Voice Lessons Near You!

We offer voice lessons for kids and adults in Laguna Hills! Our lessons consist of 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour increments and we recommend that advanced singers take longer lessons to allow enough time for the instructor to cover all of the necessary material.

The singing instructors provide students with exercises designed to help them achieve vocal range mastery with effective warm-ups, and breathing techniques. These experienced vocal instructors are also available to teach throughout Laguna Hills and can teach in studio or in your home. 

Each year we hold two student recitals with one occurring in the Spring and the other in the Fall.  These recitals allow students to show off their learned skills to their friends and family! 

For more advanced students, our teachers also offer preparation for auditions, competitions, and recitals throughout Orange County.

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Laguna Hills Voice Lessons


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