Kirstin Weston
Sarai Plumier piano teacher
Annabella Cervero piano teacher
Johanna Pepke piano teacher
Priscilla Peraza piano teacher

The Team

Our Teachers

Kirstin Weston

Founder & Owner
Kirstin Weston received her Master of Fine Arts in Piano Performance at UCI under Dr. Lorna Griffitt in 2014. She has performed extensively in Southern California and was a featured soloist at the Edward Hosharian Memorial Concert.

Priscilla Peraza

Violin, Viola & Piano Teacher
Priscilla Peraza has a passion for music and loves sharing this gift with others through teaching piano, violin, and viola. In 2016, Priscilla graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education.

Annabella Fulmizi

Piano Teacher
Annabella Fulmizi possesses a deep love for music and enjoys exploring this passion in many different avenues. She teaches piano and voice and is also an avid composer. She recently received her B.M. from Vanguard University.

Johanna Pepke

Piano Teacher
Johanna Pepke received her B.M. in Piano Performance from Biola University. She is an active performer in the Orange County and greater Los Angeles area, and she loves sharing her passion for music through teaching.

Sarai Plumier

Piano Teacher
Sarai Plumier graduated from Vanguard University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education in 2011. At Vanguard, she was awarded a scholarship for voice and was an active member of the University Concert Choir and an elite traveling vocal group.

Sarah Seabourn

Piano Teacher
Sarah Sebourn has loved music from a young age and has spent years sharing that love, teaching music privately and in elementary classrooms. With experience in a range of musical instruments including piano, violin, guitar and voice, her favorite has always been the piano.

Heidi Stedman

Piano Teacher
Heidi Stedman received her Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from Concordia University Irvine, where she was recognized for excellence in both musical performance and academics and served as a music theory tutor for the university.

Kristi McKinley

Piano Teacher
Kristi McKinley is a dedicated pianist and educator based in Southern California. She received her Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from California State University of Long Beach, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music.

Abby Morgigno

Junior Piano & Voice Teacher
Abby Morgigno is currently a Music with Voice Emphasis Major at Vanguard University. She has been playing piano for 12 years, performing in musicals for 10 years, and has now been teaching private piano and voice lessons for several years.

Denisa Micliuc

Piano Teacher
Denisa Micliuc studied piano, musicianship, theory, solfege, and music history at the School of Arts in Romania where she was a student throughout elementary, middle school, and high school.

Kayla Harrell

Guitar Teacher
Kayla Harrell is currently a senior in Guitar Performance at Vanguard University. Her mission is for others to enjoy learning music and be the best musicians they can be.

Sally Emilia

Piano Teacher
Sally Emilia began her piano studies at the age of four in Indonesia and moved to the United States in 2011, where she continued her piano studies at Pasadena City College with Dr. Phillip Young.

Jessica Tadakoro

Apprentice Piano Teacher
Jessica, a senior in high school, has been playing piano for twelve years and has a passion for sharing her love of music with others through teaching and performing.

Sarah Morrissey

Apprentice Piano Teacher
Sara Morrissey, a junior in high school, has been playing piano for ten years and singing in choirs for nine. Music is a significant part of her life, and she enjoys using it to bring joy to others through performing and teaching.

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