Full Bio

Margaret Fu

Piano Teacher

Margaret Fu is currently pursuing her B.M. in piano performance under the tutelage of Professor Nina Scolnik at the University of California, Irvine. A Silicon Valley native, she studied under Helena Ma during her adolescent and teenage years. Curious about the world outside of California, she ventured off into the Midwest. While in Michigan, she studied piano under the guidance of Dr. Sandra Lau Martins, a graduate of The Juilliard School. Through Dr. Martins, Margaret had the opportunity to study underDr. John Blacklow, Associate Professor of Piano at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, for a few years. Due to her exposure to many different teaching styles, Margaret knows how to formulate an effective teaching plan tailored specifically to each individual student. Along with the goal of having her students make great strides as artists/musicians, she hopes to instill a lifelong passion and love for music in every of them. In her spare time, Margaret enjoys spending time with her loved ones, hunting for great eats, hiking, and learning about hip hop music production.

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