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Patrick Lee

Piano Teacher

Patrick Lee piano teacher

Patrick believes in the value of mentorship and that music is one of the best avenues of mentorship. He began classical piano training at age 6 and completed certifications through the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (UK) and Certificate of Merit. His musical experiences include choir piano accompaniment, church worship teams, and music production. He is also a self-taught guitarist and percussionist. He is drawn towards music that is rhythmic and expressive, and he particularly enjoys playing jazz and music from the Romantic era.

Patrick has a passion for teaching and over ten years of experience mentoring youth in various educational settings including churches, camps, and sports programs. For Patrick, the most rewarding aspects of teaching are the “aha” moments when his students began to see the beauty of their craft and feel the joy of learning. He is convinced that a good teacher can deeply impact a person’s life and hopes to do that for his students. 

Patrick holds a Bachelors in Communication from UCLA and is a licensed Realtor in California. He is an active member at his church in Newport Beach and currently lives in Orange with his wife, Jess. His other interests include real estate, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and basketball.

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