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Sara Morrissey

Business Development Representative

Sara Morrissey, a sophomore at UC San Diego pursuing a music minor, has been playing piano for 12 years and singing for 11. Music is a significant part of her life, and she enjoys sharing her passion for it with others through performing and teaching.

Sara completed The Royal Conservatory of Music Program in 2021, through which she has received numerous center awards, First Class Honors, and First Class Honors with Distinction on both theoretical and practical examinations. She scored top three in the state of California several times, and for both her Level 7 and Level 9 examinations she won the National Gold medal, scoring the highest in the country for those levels.

She has also competed in various festivals within the Music Teacher’s Association of California Orange Coast Cities Branch and California Association of Professional Music Teachers District 8 Branch, including Baroque, Theme, Sonata, and Contemporary Festivals, and has won a number of medals and ribbons. She was a finalist in the Southern California Bach Competition and earned first place in the Southwestern Youth Music Festival.

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